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FileMaker 15 Tools & Info

June 14 2016

On Tuesday, June 7, the Marin DIGFM group explored the new stronger essentials of FileMaker 15 that will allow developers to make custom business apps that work seamlessly across Mac, iPad, iPhone, Windows, and the web and the newest features that enhance mobility, integration, security, and performance.

If you are a FileMaker developer visit the Oakgrounds Blog for tips and tools with this newest version of FileMaker.

If you are interested in learning more about MARIN DIG FM or joining our group, visit



Multiple Relationships within Tables & Gaining Access to Users' Google… Accounts

January 12 2016

The Marin DIG FM group started off the new year with a presentation by Oakgrounds own, Ward Bouwman, on Multiple Relationships within Tables & Gaining Access to Users' Google… Accounts


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